About Sarah Dillard Coaching

Many people get professional coaching in one of two scenarios--when they are underperforming in their roles or when they are looking for their next jobs. Consequently, many coaches focus their practices in one of these directions.

I’ve built mine differently. I'm passionate about the craft of management and mostly work with rising stars and executives who don't have to get better but who want to get better.

Why get coaching? It works. Coaching is designed for change:

  • Targeted—focuses on your biggest issues & strategies to help you succeed
  • Paced—homework and next steps match the rate at which you can implement them
  • Accountability—a coach holds you accountable for progress from session to session

Coaching goes beyond what a boss or colleague can provide:

  • A safe space—a coach is not a boss or a colleague and is therefore uniquely able to provide thought partnership without fear of judgement or evaluation
  • Perspective—a coach has distance to see the forest for the trees and the pattern recognition to identify it as such
  • Ongoing relationship—a coach can stay with you even if your job, role, or boss changes
  • A teammate--a coach's job is to help you achieve your goals

What I bring to coaching:

  • Focus on managers—passionate about craft of management, helping people develop as leaders in their current organizations 
  • Broad organizational expertise—experience across all three sectors--government, business, & non-profit--from startup to 4,000+ employees
  • Proven capability—have coached dozens of employees and clients through developing the skills, processes, and habits to rapidly grow and navigate change
  • Tested resources—the best of proprietary and external resources to help you learn and grow

Questions about coaching or my approach? Contact me.


Coaching works. Example client results:

  • C-level exec who was working every waking minute fit her work into the work day through tighter prioritization, using her time more strategically, and getting more leverage from her team
  • Manager with sixteen direct reports developed processes for efficiently & effectively managing them
  • VP whose performance feedback became uneven amidst rapid organizational change and increased responsibilities regained her footing as a consistently high performer
  • Manager in consulting successfully navigated a career shift to entrepreneurship

My client's organizations have included:

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What my clients say:

Sarah has been a great professional coach. She has provided great resources exactly when I needed them to take my work to the next level as I grew into a leadership position in my organization. I feel better organized for success and am getting more and better work done because of her help.
— C-level executive at rapidly growing organization
I have been a career coaching client of Sarah’s for nearly two years, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She continues to amaze me at each of our sessions with her thoughtfulness, insightful analyses, and new ways to think about the challenges in front of me. Over the course of our coaching relationship, she has helped me make a number of decisions I’ve faced, both big and small, related to human capital, project management, and content-specific social sector challenges. Through our collaborative exercises and homework assignments, she has also transformed the way I approach my long-term career strategy. I come away from our sessions full of energy and new ideas.
— Head of strategy & biz ops at tech company

Have a question? Interested in coaching? Send me a note.

Let's Work Together

Individual coaching packages

Coaching is available in packages of four, forty-five minute sessions. You may want to check with your employer to see if they provide any reimbursement for coaching services or if professional development dollars can be used for coaching. Discounts are available for non-profit clients. Contact me for pricing.

Organizational coaching packages

Working with multiple people in the same organization can have a force multiplier effect. If you're interested in coaching for more than one member of your team, contact me to discuss.


Sessions are scheduled at a pace that matches your needs and the rate at which you can implement change:

  • Weekly in fast-paced organizations with a lot of fires, growth pains, or change
  • Biweekly in more mature organizations where the client has a handle on the day-to-day role
  • As client engagements mature, they may be less frequent (i.e., every three or four weeks + ad hoc) as the work shifts focus to ongoing improvement and career development

A short conversation is the best way to learn about coaching. Email me to set one up.