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I love helping people succeed in their current organizations--whether handling the transition to a new role or growing enough to get the next one, getting out from under an overwhelming situation or rising to meet a challenge on the horizon.

I  enjoy working with managers. Management is so important and yet widely under-taught. Most business schools don't teach it, and most business books don't cover it. The result is that most managers are winging it, just doing the best they can without a lot of guidance. I should know. Had I not had a bad management experience, I'd probably still be one of them. But this bad experience set me on a course of deliberative learning that turned me into a great manager. And I'm now committed to sharing what I've learned through my coaching work. 

What you can expect from me as a coach:

  • That I view myself as a collaborator in your success 
  • That I will be kind and tell you the truth
  • That you will always have next steps

What I expect from you as a client:

  • That we talk about the most important things
  • That you will do the work to grow

My clients have included:

  • C-level member of rapidly growing higher ed org transitioning between roles on the management team
  • Manager at Fortune 500 company seeking strategies to most effectively manage her sixteen-person team
  • Emerging manager at social impact consulting firm looking for support navigating her career

What my clients say:

Sarah has been a great professional coach. She has provided great resources exactly when I needed them to take my work to the next level as I grew into a leadership position in my organization. I feel better organized for success and am getting more and better work done because of her help.
— C-level executive at rapidly growing organization
I have been a career coaching client of Sarah’s for nearly two years, and I can’t recommend her highly enough. She continues to amaze me at each of our sessions with her thoughtfulness, insightful analyses, and new ways to think about the challenges in front of me. Over the course of our coaching relationship, she has helped me make a number of decisions I’ve faced, both big and small, related to human capital, project management, and content-specific social sector challenges. Through our collaborative exercises and homework assignments, she has also transformed the way I approach my long-term career strategy. I come away from our sessions full of energy and new ideas.
— Emerging manager at consulting firm

If you want to learn more about coaching, three favorite related reads are:

  • Atul Gawande, “Personal Best.” The best tennis players have coaches but the best surgeons don't. Gawande, a surgeon, explores why this is and what might change if they did.
  • John Wooden, Wooden on Leadership. The most winning basketball coach in NCAA history explains his approach to coaching: strong relationships, plentiful feedback, attention to detail. 
  • Daniel Coyle, The Talent Code. Coyle travels to talent hotbeds to understand how excellence develops. He finds a common pattern: ignition, deliberate practice, and master coaching.